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We are LKP Consulting Group an Enterprise Testing Solutions company helping maximize software application quality, performance and availability
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You may be a software product or project company, or you may be a developer creating a custom-built software application for your organization - but no matter what, it is imperative that your end product meets user needs and performs as expected. Software application testing is not just an option - it's essential for success.

LKP Consulting Group offers independent verification and validation services spanning the entire product release lifecycle. This includes formulating the test strategy, test planning, designing effective test cases, test execution, defect analysis, risk assessments and recommendations. Our quality assurance services will increase customer confidence to deliver their software and enable our customers to compete better in the market.

While there is an increase in the technical complexity of the products there is also a demand to shrink the release cycles. QA and testing activities often pose a capacity constraint to many software development companies. We address these problems through our services. Before release, a key question is how many users the system would be able to serve while still maintaining an acceptable transaction response time. LKP Consulting Group helps assure a high-application response by providing performance tuning, identifying bottlenecks, capacity planning and benchmarking services.

For every major release, you must ensure a quality test cycle for different environment, platforms, and architecture to get customer satisfaction and to secure the ultimate success of your application functionality. Yet with limited skilled resources, product releases are frequently delivered to clients with minor bugs. Perhaps you thoroughly tested on Tier I platforms, but had to delay Tier II testing because of resource and time constraints. Partnering with LKP Consulting Group would facilitate the product release process while maintaining a low total cost of ownership for the product and high quality standards with our processes. We dedicate engineers with the right skills to your quality assurance program and work together to define clear testing objectives and a comprehensive testing process. We create efficiencies by making smart use of the best available tools and automation. Our team takes less time to understand customer's requirements and create customized strategic test approach for the product and then tests accordingly, with multiple scripts and across a broad platform matrix

Our software verification and validation services verify that your software product, website or application works as expected based on the business requirements.

 There isn't an area of testing that we cannot help with. Having completed quite a number of QA engagements over the years we consider ourselves experts in most areas of testing.

Our service starts right from the requirement gathering stage, test design and implementation.

The primary testing solutions of LKP Consulting Group includes from functional testing to performance testing.
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